Feathered SwordDonna J. Stone was born in Ohio, into a strict family of German descent. Having been struck twice with rheumatic fever, she spent 
much of her childhood bedridden. Her talent for writing surfaced 
during adolescence, when she discovered the cathartic power of 
putting pen to paper.

She had grown into a striking beauty when she married and had her first child. 
When she and her new family moved to New York, her life was at its prime. 
She had a brilliant husband and a perfect baby. They were all thriving in a world   about which she'd always dreamed. Then her infant contracted a terrible illness. 
The child survived, but not unscathed. The joys of motherhood remained, but 
the responsibilities grew boundless. Her marriage soon ended, as did the fantasy.

A second marriage took her to Texas, and her family grew. Sadly, however, 
divorce again followed and she was left a single parent of two children. Life 
became more difficult than she'd ever imagined, but she was a strong woman. 
She surrounded herself with children, continued to write for pleasure and release, 
and called upon the faith of her Lutheran upbringing. Her devotion to her family 
was remarkable.

Illness again found Ms. Stone at a young age, and she spent her last years in   hospitals and on machines. Still, some of her most beautiful poetry was written between relapses. She died peacefully at her home in Texas. She repeatedly said 
in later years that many of her life's dreams had indeed been realized.

Ms. Stone's firstborn son lives on a beautiful ranch, among friends he's had since childhood. He continues to bring joy to all who know him.

Her younger son, for whom she sacrificed so much, is a doctor.

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