An Imperfect Elegy

My friend has died,
And I resent the stirrings of life around me.
People laugh,
Unaware that a life has ended.
How can they dare?
Don't they know my friend is gone?
Grief can be so crippling.

Hers was a strong personalilty.
Having lost her twin brother at birth,
Perhaps she received a double measure of strength.
She was a survivor
Before taking her first breath.

Hers was a keen intellect,
With insights shrewd and just.
Fiercely, tenderly,
She was so devoted to her family.
She wouldn't have chosen to leave them now --
Not even for Heaven.

My friend realized her blessings.
She thanked God privately, 
But often.

Hers was a passion for fair play.
An avid champion of the underdog,
She did not tolerate injustice.
She marched to a beat
Not all could share,
But the rhythm was very clear.

She taught me that
A real friend 
Accepts the imperfect with the good.
We cried and laughed together.
I treasure every time.

My dear friend,
Angels sing you to your final rest.
You will find your place in Heaven,
Perhaps more easily than down here.
But down here,
My friend,
You will be missed.

                                         Donna J. Stone

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