Donna J. Stone  (February 23, 1933 - December 12, 1994) was an award-winning poet and writer. Her works included numerous individually published poems, some of which are still being reproduced, as well as several articles and a collection of poetry entitled Wielder of Words.
In addition to writing, Ms. Stone was actively involved in several charitable organizations, including the Association for Retarded Children (now The Arc). Her gifts provided for the Matthew J. Pascal Foundation, a private family foundation named after her firstborn son, as well as the Donna J. Stone National Literary Awards, founded by her children in cooperation with American Mothers, Inc.

This website provides a unique look at the life and works of Donna J. Stone.
About the Poet is a brief, rather personal biography of Ms. Stone, written by her younger son shortly after her death. Initially meant to accompany some of the 
philanthropic projects established in his mother's honor, this is the biography 
included in the latest Wielder of Words collection.

Selected Poems contains some of Ms. Stone's best-known and most requested poems. This is the first time these works have been available online. Her family believes 
that if Ms. Stone were alive today, she would embrace the Internet as a way to share her poetry with as many as possible. To this end, we'd like to share some of the best 
of the Wielder of Words collection. We hope you enjoy the poetry, and thank you for visiting our website.
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